Agrifac - AutoSteerPlus

Automatic steering with AutoSteerPlus

Exxact following the sugar beet

The Exxact HexxTraxx can be steered fully automatically on all six wheels via the automatic steering system, fitted in front of the topper. With the AutoSteerPlus system, there are three steering points, which ‘exxact’ly’ follow the two middle rows.

The feelers steer the machine in cooperation with a sensor on the lifting unit. The machine has a choice of two automatic steering modes. With the first choice the front wheels are controlled by the lifting shares and the back wheels by the feelers in front of the topper. With the other choice only the front wheels are automatically steered by the feelers. Thanks to the automatic steering system the operator can concentrate fully on the lifting, cleaning and unloading process. No distraction whatsoever during harvesting, which gives an optimal result!

Beets decide the course, no damage to crops

  • Easy to steer due to the 4- or 6-wheel drive
  • Automatic steering, focus on harvesting
  • Choice in automatic steering
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