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ExcenterPlus optimal beet lifitng

Premium quality, superior capacity 

The ExcenterPlus lifting system is the latest standard in beet lifting. Based on the proven concept of independent  eccentric moving lifting shares, this system is developed to lift the beets in an optimal way at high working speeds and for superior capacity, even under extreme conditions.

The newly designed lifters are controlled by an entirely new depth control system for a perfect depth in combination with the rotary intake. The depth control is controlled by wheels that enable clean and complete lifting of the beet at high driving speeds. The rotary intake prevents the beet from escaping and feeds the lifting turbines with a continuous flow of beet.

Specific features of ExcenterPlus are:

  • Eccentric moving lifting shares
  • Unique shape of the lifting shares
  • Beet protection
  • Optimal adjustment of the lifting shares: depth, leveling and speed
  • Independent horizontal row following lifting shares (60 mm/2.4”)
  • Large depth control wheels
  • Rotary intake for a constant flow of beet
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High harvesting speeds   

Most harvested beets due to horizontal row-following per row

  • Each beet properly harvested by individually driven shares
  • Under all circumstances optimum harvesting quality
  • No loss due to good connections to the harvest turbines
  • Durable hardened shares
  • The lifting rpm is adjustable to the circumstances
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