Agrifac - HOLMER Exxact Terra Dos T4-30

Power without compromise, efficiency without sacrifice..

Holmer Exxact T4-30 beet harvester

Beet lifting with a new dimension

The Terra Dos T4-30 offers a new level and range of functions in power, durability, efficiency and comfort. The new model gives you more power and efficiency than ever before; equipped with a Mercedes Benz 626hp 6 cylinder engine with AdBlue technology, complying with exhaust standard Tier 4 Final/EuroMot 4.  A new drive system offers load sensing hydraulics for an economical hydraulic supply to all functions of beet lifting. A new automotive adaptive control unit for the engine speed means the engine speed will regulate itself between 1150rpm and 1550rpm, increasing efficiency to levels never seen before! For contractors and farmers, road travel is seen as ‘dead time’ to many, because of this Holmer have now increased the road speed to a 40km/h top speed as opposed to the previous 32km/h.

Optimal harvesting with maximum soil protection

The T4-30 also increases its pivoting degree to 60 degrees, 30 degrees left or right, decreasing unproductive time in the field spent turning at the end of the field. The T4-30 also offers maximum soil protection due to the offset track when harvesting (TerraDos mode). The T4-30 is available with Michelin Ultra Flex IF 800/70 R38 on the front axle, using just 1.4 bar of pressure – increasing the contact area of the tyre. The rear axle is equipped with huge Michelin 1050/50 R32 tyres, both axles spread the weight of the machine evenly while protecting the soil to a maximum. When harvesting the rear axle will run in between the track of the front axle, meaning the ground is only covered once, thus creating an even surface with minimal soil disruption. 

Topping precision for exact results

The HOLMER KOS topper is available with two models, KOS-I: an integral topper  spreading the chopped material  between the rows or the KOS KO topper, combines the integral function with the possibility of the proven leaf spreading side exit system, offering top quality topping with both functions, no compromising. The DynaCut scalping system has been mastered due to reduced weight of the scalper unit meaning the unit is more agile and responsive to the beet heights even when harvesting at high speeds the performance is not hindered. Maintenance has also been reduced as opposed to the predecessor due to less wearing parts in the scalper units.

Award winning lifting quality

The DLG recognized the HOLMER HR lifting unit offering independent height control automatically controlled on each row, optimal lifting quality with minimal wear, reduced unnecessary working depths thus increasing fuel efficiency. The HR lifter is available in three models, HR 45: fixed 45cm lifting, HR 50: fixed 50cm row widths, VHR: variable row widths, 45cm/50cm. HOLMER have increased strength with this lifter but minimized the weight of the lifter by using high strengthened fine grained steel.

Cleaning, a tidy business

Holmer ensures you lift clean and undamaged beets! Now equipped with a 900mm wide transfer web which replaces   the 800mm transfer web, the throughput on the machine has increased substantially. Incremental adjustments in the transfer web speed, turbine speed and elevator speed can be adjusted from the seat. Transfer webs and turbines are pressure monitored and speed regulated, all shown independently on the screen.

The HR 9 / 12 row lifting units – More acres, less time, more efficiency…

Holmer offers the award winning HR lifter for lifting 9 rows, with impressive advantages:

  • Each row offers fully automatic depth control adjustments for uneven rows
  • 7 hydraulically reversible lifting rollers
  • Precise Automatic steering
  • Providing the basis for enormous daily outputs and a level of efficiency never seen before.

HOLMER EasyConnect

Holmer’s fast coupling system, the Holmer EasyConnect allows the driver to connect his 9 row HR lifter automatically with the touch of a button, without having to leave the cab! The system automatically connecting the hydraulic and electric supply interface. 

EasyConnect benefits from

  • Greater mechanical efficiency due to lower  set up times
  • Reduced risk of accidents due to convenient coupling and uncoupling from the driver’s seat (mechanical, hydraulic and electrical)
  • Additional comfort due to the elimination of any heavy, rigid elements that need to be coupled manually, seen in 9 row models of the past! 
  • No risk of confusion when connection hydraulics and electrics as it’s fully automatic

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