Agrifac - OptiTraxx

Best soil conservation, better soil structure

The LightTraxx has 4 wheels at its disposal. For an even better distribution of the weight of the machine the OptiTraxx is equipped with a track system on the front axle.

The OptiTraxx is equipped with 760 mm wide and 2250 mm long tracks. The tracks replace the front wheels and are fitted directly to the axles to keep the steering intact. The special frame makes sure that the pivoting point of the track remains as low as possible. This prevents the tracks from tilting caused by traction. This guarantees an optimal weight distribution over the contact surface of the track with the soil. The large contact surface not only ensures optimal weight distribution, but also makes it possible to continue lifting beet in wet and difficult conditions. 

Exxact beet harvesting, meaning as much beet as possible

Brilliant Simple; the smartest harvesting with the most simple operation

  • Soil is spared, little pressure per square cm with tracks
  • Easy maneuverable
  • Working under poor conditions longer possible due to tracks
  • Low weight
  • Small turning radius, needs only few space on the headland
  • High capacity through large harvesting and cleaning turbines
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