Agrifac - Silent engine

Silent engine, accessible engine compartment

The 6 cylinder 345 kW (469 hp) engine and the hydraulic pumps are fitted in the easily accessible engine compartment.

With the fold down step, one can quickly step up for inspection and maintenance. The positioning of the engine at the centre of the LightTraxx’s rear side gives more benefits, such as:
  • Best possible weight distribution in length and width
  • Noise levels in the cab are decreased to a minimum
  • The operation speed of the engine is automatically reduced to 1.350 rpm as soon the LightTraxx has reached the desired driving speed. 
  • In combination with the intelligent Holmer Exxact engine management system expensive diesel is being saved. 
  • EcotronicPlus system ensures that the speed of topper, lifter, turbines, and transporting webs remain constant irrespective of changing engine speeds.
  • Clean, environmentally responsible engine that meets the latest requirements (Volvo Penta Tier 4 final)
  • Comfort through quiet engine (1350 RPM)
  • low fuel consumption
  • Easy access for maintenance
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