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Unrivalled Cleaning

Developing the new Exxact product range, the Exxact engineers started by maintaining the primary needs of our customers: reliability, quality and capacity. Better cleaning, less damage more output.

With the ExcenterPlus lifting system, harvesting speeds can be raised by as much as 35 %. As the need for cleaning capacity increased as well, the lifting turbines have been enlarged to 1.550 mm with a choice of lifting turbine tine spacing of 83, 93 or 108 mm. The size of the three cleaning turbines is also increased to 1.550 mm resulting in an overall cleaning surface increase of 25 %. Gate options for the cleaning turbines include various pig tails and bar gates with spacing of 55 or 70 mm. The wide range pig tales and gates enable the contractor to prepare his harvester for every situation and type of soil. The new 1.000 mm wide elevator efficiently prevents the beet from accumulating on the final turbine. 


Unmatched clean beet: in all circumstances the best cleaning by large cleaning turbines

  • High capacity by large harvesting and cleaning turbines
  • Most beet and a minimum break 
  • Cleaning and capacity through wide, long transport route
  • Depending on conditions, choice between different types of turbines, bar and pig tail gates
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