Agrifac - AirFlowPlus

Highest air yield, best penetration

For crops in which air support is essential to bring the liquids to the right place, Agrifac introduces the new AirFlowPlus air support system. This system sets itself apart by the cleverly engineered construction with a ventilator every three metres. This creates an air yield not previously seen, and an absolutely uniform air distribution over the total width of the spray boom. Regardless of the work area width and the number of boom sections you are working with! Wear and tear of air sacks is all in the past.

The direction of the liquids and air stream is very easy to adjust to the conditions and the wind direction. You can adjust the angle of the entire spray boom forward or backward so that the air shaft and the outflow opening do not twist in relation to each other. Agrifac AirFlowPlus is equipped with complete circulation as standard.

Sufficient, nutritious and safe food in dense crops

  • The best intrusion
  • Best flexibility
  • Saves spray product
  • Highest air yield
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