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J-boom always in balance with BalancePlus, ProActiveBalancePlus and BoomSupportPlus

BalancePlus effective boom balance for flat and hilly conditions

BalancePlus anti –yaw buffers and active boom height adjustment for efficient dosing; the right amount at the right place.

Have you ever asked yourself why a tightrope walker only needs a single rod to keep their equilibrium or balance? Right, by using the laws of nature, such as gravity. The same applies for the Agrifac J-boom. The boom is in natural balance so that no complicated balance system has to be developed: Brilliant Simple. The Agrifac J-boom rolls over a moon shaped suspension which ensures that the balance is correct in each situation.

The BalancePlus system proves itself time and time again compared to the competition with its simplicity and effectiveness. The BalancePlus system retains the equilibrium of the boom even on the most aggressive test tracks. This is all for an optimal spray result: the desired quantity in the right place.


ProActiveBalancePlus, active balancing

The ProActiveBalancePlus balance system of Agrifac is an addition to the BalancePlus system. Nothing is changed to the principle; just the position of the half moon is regulated automatically. With this the boom remains in balance even in difficult conditions, such as deep spray tracks through irrigation for example. As the balance system reacts proactively to machine movements, the boom can be kept exactly level, even under the most difficult conditions.


BoomSupportPlus, following the ground for optimal spray result in hilly areas

The BoomSupportPlus system supports the driver in obtaining the best spray result in hilly areas. Sensors on the boom measure the distance from the boom to the ground or the crop (depending on the setting chosen) and keep this constant. As the variable geometry is operated by the BoomSupportPlus system, the spray boom follows the ground or the crop, even if the slopes change quickly. The set height and the short reaction time enable the BoomSupportPlus system to ensure optimal spray quality. The system is fully integrated into the existing BalancePlus system, meaning that quality is guaranteed.

Effective boom balance for flat and hilly conditions

  • Brilliant Simple: the Agrifac J-boom is by itself in a natural balance so no complicated balance system is required
  • ProActiveBalancePlus: as the balance system reacts proactively to machine movements, the boom stays exactly levelled, even under the hardest conditions
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