Agrifac - J-Boom

Round, stable and sturdy for wider work widths and a long life

Capacity and quality for spraying is  becoming more and more important due to the ever shortening window of opportunity and higher quality requirements for crop care. Wider boom widths and higher work speeds with a stable boom are essential in this. Agrifac has developed the J-boom for this, specially for self-propelled sprayers. The robust round profile forms the basis of the Agrifac J-boom. Quality and stability are the characteristics of this torsionally rigid construction which was developed specially for a long life even at high working speeds.  

The J-type spray boom is characterized by a compact and modular construction. The self-propelled sprayer remains particularly compact in length as well as width. Unique and ideal for good overall visibility, safe road transport and easy to manoeuvre, even on small paths. The J-type offers you numerous benefits. You will still profit from the standard variable geometry (independently lifting booms), a stable, gas spring controlled break away protection and, from beginning to end, complete nozzle protection. Through the modular construction, the spray boom is easy to expand or adjust with options such as HighTechAirPlus. The J-type spray boom has been specially developed for a long life. Each spray boom has the same base, developed for boom widths up to 51 metres! 

Agrifac J-boom spray booms overview
  • Most capacity by largest width
  • Strong, stable and robust
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