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Vertical spraying of crops

Agrifac has developed a special spraying system for the vertical spraying of crops such as asparagus: VertiPlus. The easily removable VertiPlus system is connected to the standard J-boom of the Agrifac Condor. 

With the VertiPlus system an optimal crop penetration occurs. The positions of the nozzles can easily be adapted to the height of the crop and can be shut off by nozzle. The lowest of the 4 nozzles is used for spraying herbicides onto the rows. The spray pipe of the Vertiplus system is linked to the standard quadrajet nozzle holders so that it remains possible to work with GPS section control.

High ground clearance with high capacity

The standard ground clearance of 125 cm on the Agrifac Condor is more than enough to prevent damage to the asparagus. The Agrifac Condor with the VertiPlus spray system makes it possible to spray with wider boom widths. The Agrifac Condor VertiPlus is therefore equipped with a 24 metre wide boom.


The detachable VertiPlus system is easy to remove after which the sprayer can be used for traditional spraying of crops.

Sufficientnutritious and safe food

  • Horizontal spraying for crops like asparagus
  • Easy to (dis)assemble
  • Optimal penetration of the crop
  • Every drop hits the right spot
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Agrifac Condor VertiPlus

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