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Ultimate protection for every crop, in every landscape for every customer

Crop protection is much more than just spraying crop protection agents into a field. Optimal crop protection is a highly complex area with several dimensions and facets. Every crop, every customer and every landscape has its own needs. This requires intelligent and innovative solutions for an optimal crop protection.

In crops such as sunflowers, rape seed and maize it is necessary to apply crop protection agents at a late growing stage. Therefore it is necessary to spray into fields with crops which are often more than 2 meters tall. To protect your crops against damages by the machine during the application, a self-propelled sprayer with a large ground clearance is desirable.

Therefore, Agrifac offers the Condor ClearancePlus, a self-propelled sprayer with a high ground clearance up to 2 meters! This machine is able to protect even the highest crops in an optimal way.

Condor ClearancePlus: Optimal protection for all kinds of crops

The ground clearance of the Condor ClearancePlus can be set variable from 130 cm up to 200 cm, so this sprayer offers perfect ground clearance for each crop. This solution protects all kind of crops in a perfect way by an optimal application of crop protection agents and it protects especially high-growing crops against damages from the machine.

Like the whole Condor family, the ClearancePlus is based on the unique and patented StabiloPlus chassis. This chassis effortlessly compensates every bump it encounters. This is a great benefit for the stability of the spray boom, besides that it enables you to adjust the track width variable from 190 cm to 225 cm or from 265 cm to 300 cm. Altogether the Condor ClearancePlus is an extremely stable, flexible and very comfortable self-propelled sprayer, in the field and on the road.

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Various options available: Combine your Condor ClearancePlus with the application you need

The Condor ClearancePlus can easily be combined with other Agrifac Condor options such as the AirFlowPlus application for the use in vegetable fields and other special crops. A mass of other combinations are available.

Ask us about combinations that meet your needs!

Agrifac Condor ClearancePlus highest ground clearance self propelled sprayer, spraying sunflowers  High ground clearance sprayer, spraying mais. Agrifac Condor ClearancePlus   Agrifac Condor ClearancePlus in Mais. High ground clearance  Self propelled sprayer; Agrifac Condor ClearancePlus spraying mais  Self propelled sprayer spraying sunflowers - Agrifac Condor ClearancePlus  Agrifac Condor ClearancePlus - Self propelled sprayer with high ground clearance to 200 cm  Agrifac Condor ClearancePlus - Self propelled sprayer with high ground clearance  Agrifac Condor ClearancePlus - Self propelled sprayer with high ground clearance

Sufficient, nutritious and safe food from high crops

  • Highest ground clearance
  • Stable, safe and exact
  • All benefits of the Condor
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Condor ClearancePlus

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