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New innovations for the Condor Endurance II

The Agrifac Condor Endurance ll is a completely new machine. Ready for our ground breaking Need Farming-concept, where we can offer protection per plant. 

As it predecessors, the Condor Endurance is designed following the 4e’s for growers: As Efficient, Economical, Ergonomically and Ecological as possible. This means ease of operation, quality spraying, driving comfort, ease of maintenance and, therefore, low operating costs. Chemical savings, clean working areas, and compact build liquid systems aimed at preventing rest liquid and emissions.

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The Condor Endurance has been divided into different zones. The front part of the sprayer is the area used for filling, the center of the sprayer contains tanks and storage, the back of the sprayer - the pump systems and electronics for easy maintenance. 

To begin with the chassis, the basis of the sprayer, the Condor Endurance also uses the same ‘Brilliant simple’ StabiloPlus chassis, which you can find on all Agrifac Condor sprayers. StabiloPlus is famous for its unique stability and less boom movement. It offers four wheel steering for maximal manoeuvrability and less crop damage, a continuous four wheel drive, air brakes and high transport speeds on the road. The whole driveline is designed to use low RPM on the engine which makes it very efficient in use and offers a low fuel consumption.

The available track widths of the new Condor Endurance II vary from 190 to 460 cm, with for maximal versatility a one metre trackwidth adjustment. It offers a higher clearance, of 1.4 metre. We also nar-rowed down the assembly of the wheel motors for less crop damage. Next to this you can fit even higher tires, up to 230 cm. This gives a higher clearance and an a lower pressure per cm2, so even lower ground pressure. Therefore, the Condor Endurance II, filled with 8000 liters, has less impact on the soil compared to other machines available on the market. Despite the tall and wide tires, turning circle is still the same as on the Condor.

The whole machine is, like our other sprayers, air suspended and now even the cab can be air suspended as well, for even more comfort in rough conditions. 

Just like on our other sprayers we have a front-mounted cab which gives you clear visibility on the road and in the field. The new LED light package is set up for both the illumination when driving at high speeds, and a wide light array to see what is happening around the sprayer. 

We completely redesigned the EcoTronicPlus user interface, now it’s even more intuitive. EcoTronicPlus II features a new, fully integrated armrest and a joystick for maximum ease of use and productivity. Ergonomic and Brilliant Simple to operate. There is one screen in the cab for both, spraying and GPS. The focus lies on the field and the application. What actually is happening is shown, which is obviously more important when you are applying Need Farming technologies.

The Condor Endurance II has mudguards, which move along with the wheels. In narrow or wide trackwidth they are where they need to be: right on top of the wheel. They follow the four-wheel steering. 

Condor Endurance II is equipped with a filling station which includes a high capacity centrifugal fill pump and a mixing station located at the front of the machine for quick and easy filling. It’s now mounted underneath the cabin, so closer to the user. You just drive up towards a tank or filling stations:. Fill pump and induction hopper are close together and lower down to working height. 

Capacity, capacity, capacity and extreme endurance

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Agrifac Condor Endurance II introduction

By Steven Koop, Productmanager Condor range

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