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The plusses of the Condor Endurance II

8.000 l tank

Just like the previous model this sprayer has a big 8.000 thousand liter tank, for maximum Endurance in the field.


The BalancePlus system proves itself time and again against the competition with its simplicity and effectiveness. The BalancePlus system keeps the J-boom in balance even on the most aggressive test tracks. The J-boom rolls over a moonshaped suspension that ensures that the balance is right in every situation. Brilliantly Simple!  Completely redesigned is the midframe. It got its own unique, completely vertical suspension system. The suspension doesn’t give any forward or backward movement to the boom, which has the advantage, even in rough conditions, of having no under-dosage or over-dosage when spraying, especially in combination with our StabiloPlus chassis.

condor endurance II - balanceplus stabiloplus stable  condor endurance II - balanceplus stabiloplus stable  condor endurance II - balanceplus stabiloplus stable


Agrifac's unique and patented StabiloPlus chassis offers StabiloPlus ensures the best weight distribution for optimal traction and the lowest possible ground pressure in every situation. The chassis prevents the spray boom from swaying on uneven terrain by distributing the weight more evenly across the four wheels. This all results in a even distribution of the spray liquid over the field.


Condor Endurance II - J-boom stable boom sizes

The boom has a clean design, very neat, simple and compact. With this new J-boom we reduced the weight of the booms, mainly on the outer part of the boom, so we get less boom movement and better durability. With the new boom it is also possible to have a narrow nozzle distance of 25 cm. The boom works completely on full circulation, which is standard on all of our machines. We offer 3-meter sections, 1,5 metre sections or an individual shut off on each nozzle. The boom is available up to 55 me-ters


We have also redesigned our famous GreenFlowPlus system. The GreenFlowPlus pump and spray system with a pneumatically controlled pressure regulator is built even more compactly, which results in less rest liquid the system an no rest liquid in the tank. The GreenFlowPlus is equipped with CAN-controlled valves to optimize the flow levels and directions. For even easier access we have also relo-cated the suction filter and the pressure filter.


condor endurance II - strictheightplus  condor endurance II - strictheightplus  

To ensure that every drop hits the right spot, the right height is very important. Our strong BalancePlus and StabiloPlus make sure of that. Optional we can offer our StrictHeightPlus boom levelling system. StrictHeightPlus uses sensors on the boom, which offers individual height control for the complete boom, while using the BalancePlus system.


Condor Endurance 2 II - hightechairplus

Another great option is the proven HightechAirPlus system. With HighTechAirPlus you can spray with less water per hectare, so even more and bigger fields can be done with just one tank. With Agrifac HighTechAirPlus, you have a higher capacity, you don’t have to change nozzles, and can spray with less drift.

HighTechAirPlus means you always spray with the right droplet size. The droplet size can be steplessly adjusted from very fine to extra coarse, so you have optimal crop coverage in every situation. The spray quality is also higher because the sprayer is less sensitive to wind or driving speed. 


Condor endurance 2 II - strictsprayplus

Another option is our StrictSprayPlus system. StrictSprayPlus calculates the speed and the desired spray amount for each nozzle. StrictSprayPlus has three features that contribute to the application of the precise amount of chemicals.. First, sections with one nozzle: To prevent overlapping and overdos-ing as much as possible, each nozzle can be closed and opened separately. Second, turn compensation. StrictSprayPlus is the first system that really compensates for turns and delivers 100% spray coverage everywhere. And third, pressure-independent speed control. StrictSprayPlus does not have to change the spray pressure, so spray pattern and droplet size remain the same, irrespective of the driv-ing speed. 

NEED Farming technologies

condor endurance 2 - need farming technologies

The Condor Endurance II is ready for all our upcoming NEED Farming technologies, which means protection on plant level. One of these upcoming and ground breaking technologies is DynamicDosePlus. With DynamicDosePlus you can vary the dose on plant level. Dosages can be based on camera input or task maps via drone or satellite imagery. 

This all makes the Condor Endurance the most innovative sprayer in the world, and also ready for the upcoming future of Need Farming!

condor endurance II - need farming technologies  condor endurance II - need farming technologies  condor endurance II - need farming technologies

Capacity, capacity, capacity and extreme endurance

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