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Wider track widths for greater yields

Caring for special crops and cultures often requires special and specialized solutions. Agrifac is the right address for specialized solutions. Agrifac has many years of experience as the preferred specialist for the most diverse spray technologies. WideTrackPlus is one of these. With a variable track width of 225 - 300 cm (75 cm stepless) or 245 – 320 cm, you can get by extremely well in a system with tracks with a track width of 300 cm or beds in the case of onions, potatoes, flower bulbs and other crops. 

WideTrackPlus: the ideal solution for progressive growers!

The Condor WideTrackPlus provides track widths up to a maximum of 320 cm. Here the difference is made by the widened StabiloPlus chassis. Spray technology, spray booms and operational comfort are identical to all other Condors. A 300 cm track width is ideal in bulbs and onions and in combination with row crop wheels and also ideal in potatoes without paths. A second possibility is a track width of 320 cm in potatoes in combination with a distance of 95 cm in between the rows. This makes it possible to drive with a wider tyre. If you normally use a 32 cm wide tyre, now it is even possible to fit a 52cm tyre. In short a small amount of rutting, the most stable sprayer possible, the largest possible crop surface and an optimal size grading for potatoes!

Agrifac Condor WideTrackPlus wide selfpropelled sprayer in potatoes  Agrifac Condor WideTrackPlus widest self propelled sprayer   Agrifac Condor WideTrackPlus wide selfpropelled sprayer potatoes  Agrifac Condor WideTrackPlus wide selfpropelled sprayer potatoes

Sufficientnutritious and safe food from maximum acreage

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Condor WideTrackPlus

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