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Optimal spraying. Brilliant Simple.

GreenFlowPlus is the unique and clever designed spraying system from Agrifac for an optimal spraying result. A compactly built pump set with the shortest possible circuit which results in a minimum presence of unused liquid in the fittings and it is extremely easy and quick to clean. In addition a circulation system is used so that the spray liquid circulates continuously at high pressure through spray lines due to the pneumatic controlled quadrajet nozzles. This delivers an optimal spray result in combination with the very quick and precise pressure regulator.

The compactly built pump set with the shortest possible circuit and electrically operated valves ensure that chemicals can be saved and that minimal rest liquid is present. The form of the tank and the suction point ensure that no unused liquid is present in the tank. As there is no unused liquid present there is first of all no loss of chemicals but the spray system is also extremely quick and easy to clean. Unused liquid is therefore not an issue for Agrifac.

Top quality spraying

With the unique pneumatic controlled pressure regulator from Agrifac an optimal spray result is abtained. The air pressure regulated pressure regulator regulates the pressure in the spray pipe which results in an extremely accurate spray result. As the pressure regulator is able to react extremely quickly if spraying takes place with changing spray widths, for example with automatic section control, the litres per hectare are extremely accurate. The self-cleaning pressure filter with high capacity prevents a drop in pressure and a loss of pressure; in combination with the standard 25 mm diameter stainless steel pipes and the pressure regulator this guarantees optimal distribution of the spray liquid even with high spray quantities per minute.

Complete circulation

The complete circulation system starts from the moment that the tank is filled. The filling of the tank occurs via the agitation at the bottom of the tank and via the spray pipes (on the boom). This is also the case if the pumps are on but filling does not occur. This results in a circulation system therefore the spray liquid never stands still in the pipes. In this way there is no sediment in the lines. There is always an even pressure and it is possible to start spraying straight away without a spray triangle occurring. During spraying the electrical valve is switched automatically, as a result of which the spray liquid is pumped into the lines from both sides. This also makes the spraying of higher quantities possible.

GreenFlowPlus always sprays the right amount in the proper ratio

  • No sediment and spray triangles by complete circulation at high pressure up to the spray nozzles
  • No unused liquid in the tank
  • 99.99% of the spray liquid is actually sprayed
  • Constant pressure even with rapid changes in spray width
  • Extremely easy to clean
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Optimal spraying. Brilliant Simple.

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