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The world’s most powerful multi systems vehicle!

The HOLMER exxact Terra Variant is the new, economical concept for tomorrow’s commercial fertilizer injection systems. The highest-performing self-propelled slurry vehicle on the market offers impact and plenty of power reserves in every situation. It allows shorter and shorter processing windows to be used efficiently. Its large tires, offset-track driving, high tractive power and an extraordinary transport volume improve both process performance and soil protection. Safe to use and optimally adjusted for incorporating valuable organic fertilizers, the Terra Variant offers top-quality modern technology along with the greatest comfort. In addition to fertilizer injection technology, it is also available with demountable attachments for sugar-beet and grain transport, solid-matter spreading, mineral-fertilizer incorporation and sowing.This innovative vehicle concept from HOLMER is setting new standards in the highest class of system vehicles, in the areas of cost-effectiveness, impact, reliability and soil protection.

Now equipped with engine technology from MERCEDES BENZ ensures maximum performance. With 440 kW (598 PS), tractive power can be used efficiently. The new SCR technology (selective catalytic reduction) allows the Terra Variant 600 eco to fulfil Exhaust-Gas Standard Stage IIIb (Tier 4i).

Driving comfort was a primary development goal for the HOLMER Terra Variant. As a result, the proven FUNK DF 500 power shift transmission, with 18 forward and 6 reverse gears, always offers precise dosing and the most efficient power transmission, along with maximum tractive power. Safety and consistently high driving comfort are guaranteed by the special HOLMER front-axle suspension with gradient support and automatic levelling.

In addition to the wide Terra tires, automatic steering mode is mainly used to prevent damaging compacting of the soil. As soon as the driver activates the crab steering, the rear axle pivots toward the desired side and prevents soil from being rolled over multiple times. At the same time, the threepoint mount moves the superstructure into the right position. All of the components are designed for extreme uses, so crab steering is fully functional even during soil processing.

The fully hydraulic pivoting rear power lifter of the Terra Variant was developed especially for professional slurry applications. With a transverse pivoting cylinder at the bottom, and due to its position on the main frame, the entire three-point connection system pivots to the left or right fully automatically. Because of the fully pivoting frame, all of the connection points between the vehicle and the superstructure device are always in a straight line, even in crab steering mode. For slitting devices, increasing and reducing the load is a standard feature. At the touch of a button in the terminal, the driver can either add pressure to the superstructure under dry conditions, or reduce the pressure under wet conditions.

New Comfort Cab, designed and developed by HOLMER

  • 12.1 inch touch screen terminal
  • Integrated functional arm rest with a new Ergonomic joystick
  • ‘Jog dial’ to control the terminal as well, choice between touch and jog dial control
  • Three point mount and rear valve steering from within the cab
  • Automatic climate control
  • ‘ActimoEvolution’ seat from Grammer with lumbar support, seat cooling and heating system
  • Upgraded noise insulation, only 61 DB
  • Unobstructed view, including tinted and heat insulated glass
  • Generous space and storage areas for optimal comfort

Headland Management – HOLMER TerraControl

The Terra Variant’s headlands management automatically performs all of the desired processes and relieves the driver during long assignments. The driver combines the desired settings, such as crab steering / lower superstructure / slurry pump on / activate torque drive. All of the relevant vehicle and superstructure functions can be saved separately.

  • Intuitive operation: Select, add, save & run 
  • Detailed adjustments for individual processes at the terminal 
  • Save various sequences

Now TrimbleReady

Today, track guidance systems use precise parallel tracking to relieve the driver, to save operating materials and to protect resources. In addition, previously processed tracks can be recorded down to the centimeter, and reused in later processing. That is why the Terra Variant features Trimble ready™ as an option. At various development levels, customized Trimble-based systems can be constructed upon request, with a precision of 30 to 3 cm and high reproducibility.

All of the known parallel tracks can already be selected in automatic steering and cruise mode:

  • AB line for simple parallel tracking 
  • A+ line for stubble breaking with a preselected angle to the processing direction 
  • Adaptive curve for parallel tracking in contour mode 
  • Identical curve for one-time detours around obstacles

Fast swap system – For multiple applications, improving efficiency and versatility

With the fast-swap system designed specifically by HOLMER, which has proven successful over many years, superstructures can be exchanged within 30 minutes.

The superstructure change is easy with support from the on-board hydraulics.

  • Release the 4 lock pins 
  • Raise the superstructure using the hydraulic cylinders on the vehicle 
  • Extend the superstructure supports Setting down the superstructure 
  • Release the hydraulic couplers

Thanks to the various superstructures, the Terra Variant can be used as a self-propelled machine in not just one, but in many processes. Whether it is for spreading organic fertilizer, transferring grain and beets, or sowing and processing the soil, every task enjoys the full benefits of the tractive force, superstructure space and soil protection.

Available Bodies

‘HOLMER GB 25’ Grain holding tank


‘HOLMER MultiBunker’ beet & Maize holding tank


BERGMANN Universal spreader body


ZUNHAMMER Slurry / Liquid handling






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