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Germanys’ Slurry / Digestate market leader arrives in the UK

Zunhammer are the slurry handling specialist manufacturer from Southern Germany. Offering the most extensive range of slurry handling equipment, ranging from 1 axle 6,000 litre tanks up to 30,000 litre 3 axle tanks alongside a range of disc injectors and disc cultivation equipment to incorporate slurry in 1 pass over the field. Each tank is custom built and constructed all in house at Zunhammer, nearly every tank is custom specific to each customer’s needs!

Product range

  • Transport & Distribution tanks from 6000 litre – 30,000 litre capacities
  • Pump tankers up to 13,000 litres per minute
  • Dribble bars from 9 metres up to 36 metres
  • Trailing shoe systems from 10 metres up to 27 metres
  • Rear linkages optional
  • Automatic tyre inflation systems
  • A vast range of tyres
  • Telescopical axles to offset track
  • ISOBUS control, job documentation
  • ‘VAN’ Variable application of Nutrients – Nutrient control, displaying nutrient levels from each tank load, also possible to set output m3 using desired nutrient level
  • Mobile Pump stations, engine or PTO driven
  • Mobile docking stations, remote controlled from within the tractor

Innovative Design

Zunhammer manufacture the patented ‘ECO Fame’ giving each tank a particularly low net weigh when put together with their polyester tanks. The ECO Frame allows slurry to run through the galvanised chassis beams, down 1 side when mounted with 1 pump or down both sides of the chassis when mounted with Zunhammers patented ECO-Duo twinned pump system. The ECO Frame saves approximately 200kg in comparison to a standard steel pump tanker, adding this to the weight saved when using the polyester tanks and Zunhammer offer the lightest, durable and highest specification slurry tankers on the market.

Zunhammer produce only polyester tanks with their unique heart shaped tanks, allowing the centre of gravity to sit much lower than a standard barrel design steel tank. This gives each tank a low centre of gravity and great stability in the steepest of conditions.

Agrifac UK Ltd offer a full, Sales / Service / Parts package dealing direct with each customer.

For more information on any of the Zunhammer Slurry equipment or the HOLMER exxact Self-propelled system, please contact us.





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